Home Away From Home

Being separated from their people can be pretty stressful for some dogs. At The Howling Moon Hotel we offer a home away from home for dogs while their owners are our of town on business or for vacation.


Fenced-in Front Yard

The Howling Moon Hotel offers a fenced-in front yard where dogs can play and relax and, yes, go to the bathroom. We keep the yard clean and the grass cropped. There’s room to play and plenty of sunshine to nap in.


Relaxed Atmosphere

There are only a few rules at the Howling Moon Hotel: no hanging out on people beds, no rough-housing indoors, and no drinking from the toilet! Otherwise dogs are free to roam and relax where they please.


Evening Hikes and Walks

One hike or walk a day isn’t enough for most healthy dogs. In the evenings, all year round, rain or shine, dogs at The Howling Moon get an evening stroll, a trip to the local dog park, or sometimes even a second hike. If there’s just enough light.


Boarding Pricing

One Night - $40

Stays of One Week or Longer (per night) - $35

(Monthly Rates are also available upon request.)